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Thai combination massage

This service is a combination of Thai style, Western Style, Thai yoga, and stretching by applying oil on some parts of the body. The massage techniques are applied to create powerful therapeutic effect. This is perfect for those who are tense and to relieve knots and painful areas such as the neck , shoulder, lower back and legs. This massage will help to release and relax chronic tension and relieve muscle pain.

Swedish massage

The classical movement of Swedish massage works on a system of soft tissues by applying oil. This massage is beneficial in promoting blood circulation and lymphatic flow, thereby improving muscle tone, skin texture and total relaxation.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue is a massage style to work on deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia. Some of the techniques focus just on the physiologic release of tension in the tissues. It is commonly know that deep tissue will help release tight muscle contraction, strain, sprain, and nerves conditions.

Thai Traditional massage

Thai massage is a healing art of massage from the ancient Thai way commonly know as “Nuad Thai”. Thai massage works on energy channels by using the thumbs, hands, elbow, and feet which include rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body without the use of oil. This massage is excellent for body alignment, activation, and posture.

Thai foot massage (Reflexology)

This massage applies pressure to certain areas of the feet to effect the internal organs and system of the body to improve blood supply, relieve tension and normalize body functions.

Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering Body Scrub

Organic Tanaka body cover &sericin silk thread spinning, Organic honey & white pearl body scrub, organic silk & Korean ginseng warm oil body massage.

From the priceless beauty of Thai silk to the ultimate luxury of natural skin nourishment. Golden silk thread is rich in protein while the mulberry leaves, contain significant vitamins. The golden cocoons contain a total of 18 essential silk amino acids good skin. A treatment regime that nourishes and restores your skin to its nature beauty. The program brings back moisture balance and subtle radiance, leaving skin smooth, heathy-looking and reinvigorated. Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering is the ultimate luxury best enjoyed in a carefree afternoon.