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  • Thai combination massage

    This service is a combination of Thai style, Western Style, Thai yoga, and stretching by applying oil on some parts of the body. The massage techniques are applied to create powerful therapeutic effect.

  • Swedish massage

    The classical movement of Swedish massage works on a system of soft tissues by applying oil. This massage is beneficial in promoting blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

  • Deep tissue massage

    Deep tissue is a massage style to work on deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia. Some of the techniques focus just on the physiologic release of tension in the tissues.

  • Thai Traditional massage

    Thai massage is a healing art of massage from the ancient Thai way commonly know as ?Nuad Thai?. Thai massage works on energy channels by using the thumbs, hands, elbow, and feet.

  • Pregnancy massage

    Pregnancy massage focus on the specific areas of the mother to help ease muscle discomfort and cramping, while promoting blood circulation to balance the body, mind, and spirit.

  • Thai foot massage (Reflexology)

    This massage applies pressure to certain areas of the feet to effect the internal organs and system of the body to improve blood supply, relieve tension and normalize body functions.

  • Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering Body Scrub

    Organic Tanaka body cover &sericin silk thread spinning, Organic honey & white pearl body scrub, organic silk & Korean ginseng warm oil body massage.

Price List

Service Hour
Thai combination massage $79
Swedish massage $89
Deep tissue massage $89
Thai Traditional massage $89
Thai foot massage (Reflexology) $59
Organic Golden Silk Royal Pampering Body Scrub $89

ANANYA Thai Massage :
The holistic massage and the power of touch from Ananya Thai massage offers a variety of massage therapies such as:
Thai combination massage, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Thai Traditional massage, Pregnancy massage, Thai foot massage (Reflexology)